RRS cellutrix before
RRS cellutrix after 4 sessions

What are RRS therapies?

RRS are grade 3 injectable implants that can treat various skin conditions. All RRS products contain non cross linked hyaluronic acid and are enriched with multiple active ingredients to combat main skin problems.

RRS HA Eyes (2014 winner of best injectable product for the eye area in category “Aesthetic Dermatology”. It’s outstanding performance is guaranteed thanks to the following ingredients:organicsilicum, antioxidants, flavonoids, saponins, polyphenols and peptides.

RRS Tensor Lift is a biorevitalization solution that contains 11 vitamins, 21 amino acids, 20 antioxidants, 13 trace elements, 2 fatty acids, 2 coenzymes, 11 polyphenols and 5 tarpenes. The main ingredient responsible for visible skin tightening after only 1 session is DMAE.

RRS Whitening is a dermal implant for skin photoaging with an anti pigmentation effect. Key brightening ingredients include Liquorice extract, vitamin C,retinyl palmitate and glycyrrhiza glabra extract.

RRS Cellutrix is a powerful tool in fighting cellulite.It contains 8 antioxidants, 7 flavonoids, 8 saponins, 3 triterpens, 2 polyphenoles, L-Carnitine and 2 lipolytic agents: Fucoxanthin and Cafeine.

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